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Great spots to visit in Georgetown

A place of unique architecture, Georgetown will give you many reasons to smile. Explore this attractive town and enjoy every inch of the unique shops and fulfilling eating establishments. What a perfect place to spend your day or night.

Eats on 8th

204 E 8th St, Georgetown, TX 78626

(512) 869-3200

Just about everyone appreciates great talent. However, if you are visiting this venue because you are seeking an amazing experience with great food, you are going to very much appreciate the way in which the chefs evoke such rich flavors from simple ingredients. And over and above a great tasting experience, the staff is going to astound you with their attention to detail and the friendly way in which they treat you. All of the ingredients is locally sourced and when you sit down you can expect a unique farm to table experience.


812 S Austin Avenue, Georgetown, TX 78626

(512) 869-3473

Get ready to enjoy some amazing far in a very historic setting. The building that houses the Wildfire restaurant was constructed in the 1920s and has served in a number of capacities before being turned into this can't miss option for dining. The atmosphere is so pleasant and the wait staff exude kindness and competence at the same time and all of the time. The menu is full of quality choices in the arena of American fare with a Southwestern flavor. Also, be prepared for a special treat as they specialize in fine wines. One last thing, you will walk out without having a major dent put into your wallet.

600 Degrees Pizzeria & Drafthouse

124 E 8th St, Georgetown, TX 78626

(512) 943-9272

We have to warn you about this establishment. Because it is so good, there is always a line which means you need to prepared to wait for awhile. ALl we can say is that you need to hang in three because this is going to be one of the finest dining experiences you have ever had. Plenty of great toppings to choose from and the pizza is cooked to perfection. They also have a huge selection of beers to mull over which will be one of the most fun things you have ever done. The atmosphere has a very cool vibe and the wait staff will make sure you are not disappointed.

Monument Cafe

500 S. Austin Avenue, Georgetown, TX 78626

(512) 930-9586

This is the classic roadside cafe. Located in a gorgeous area in the quaint town of Georgetown, what you do not want to do is to mistake this cafe with just any old roadside stop. This is where the locals go and we all know that one of the best endorsements you can have of an establishment is to have regulars coming back time and time again. If you are a breakfast lover, check out their biscuits, talk about flaky deliciousness. But as great as the breakfast food is, everything on the menu is just as stupendous. One visit and you will be hooked.

The Hollow

708 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626

(512) 868-3300

Family owned and operated, you are going to love absolutely everything about this special establishment. The owners started this amazing venue with the idea of being committed to high quality customer service and to providing the best cuisine possible. The source for almost all of the ingredients used by the chefs here comes from a local source. The food is all so fresh and prepared so expertly that you are going to savour every single bite. Lastly, the staff makes sure that all goes well during your time here and who can ask for more than that.

Fish City Grill

1019 West University Avenue, Suite 1025, Georgetown, TX 78628

(512) 864-7400

It all started with a simple menu of shrimp, catfish and oysters. After so many people caught onto how good everything tasted, this place expanded and has only gotten better and better. You will never be served frozen fish, everything is absolutely fresh including one of their signature offerings, oyster tacos. The wines you have to pick from are so complementary you are going to be in food heaven. Everyone needs a couple of favorite venues to visit on a regular basis and we have to say that this should be one of them.