Find a Wedding Band in Austin

Often times you find that the seemingly small aspects of your wedding make the most impact in your guests minds. Things like the little decorations, delicious food, and of course, entertaining music are the aspects that will stick out to your friends and families, even years down the road. It's quite important to find the right wedding music! Think about it, a ceremony without music is like the altar without the couple! Music plays a big role in every aspect when it comes to your Austin wedding ceremony, whether it's the bride walking down the aisle of the first dance. Your guests use wedding music as a source of lively entertainment throughout the night, and the dancing, drinking, and overall good times that come with the right wedding band will surely leave you with the best memories of this special milestone. There are a few options for you to consider when it comes to music on your wedding day. Some couples decide to hire a disc jockey, some decide to hire a wedding band, and some hire both! We're here to talk about the benefits that come with hiring a wedding band for your reception, as well as what questions to ask to ensure that they're the best fit for the job. After all, you only have one chance to get this day right, and it's important to have a band who understands this. After you read our guide, you'll be on your way to finding the best wedding band in all of Austin!

Ask the right questions.

Musicians love to perform, and that's part of the reason why a wedding band is an irreplaceable experience at a wedding. Chances are, local wedding bands aren't just in it for the money, they're doing it because they love working a crowd and supplying good energy to these types of events. While you might be concerned about what happens when the band needs to take a break, have no fear! While not all bands offer this service, some offer a "Master of Ceremonies" to ensure there are no lulls in action. If they don't offer this option, it only takes a second to plug in your iPod while they take a break! When you're looking for a wedding band to perform at your Austin ceremony, the best thing to do is to ask as many questions as possible. This is the only way to get to know the person who is going to be performing at this major milestone. Ask them if they have any samples, audio or video, of their wedding performances. This will help you see what your wedding experience will be like! It's imperative to know how much space their setup is going to take, as well as if they handle song requests from guests. It's also a good idea to ask potential Austin wedding bands how many weddings they've performed at...the more, the better! Follow this guide, and you're certain to end up with a talented, lively, entertaining wedding band in Austin!

Our Favorites

"One Of A Kind Entertainment" books the band "Off The Beat Path", as well as many other services for your wedding! When it comes to Top 40, R&B, Soul, Motown Bands in Austin, "Off the Beat Path" has been the favorite around town recently, and for good reason. If you click the picture to the left, you'll be directed to their booking information. This is a fantastic choice for any event in Austin!

Landers/Marshall is a romantic acoustic duo that plays wedding receptions, cocktail hours, and even ceremonial music as the bride walks down the aisle. If you're still looking for an impressive wedding band for your wedding in Austin, look no further! Your audiences are sure to be captivated when this duo starts performing. Click the picture to check out their website for more information.