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Besides reserving venues, catering services, and selecting floral arrangements, considering the entertainment is one of the most vital tasks of planning a wedding. Deciding what form of entertainment will be right for your wedding and will keep your guests engaged and enjoying themselves is a stage you will want to spend some time on. Couples generally choose between hiring a live band or the always venerable disc-jockey to provide the music for the night. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a band is great at producing a unique atmosphere, but also come at a higher cost and are generally more of a hassle to coordinate with and around. Disc-jockeys are fantastic at handling the emcee duties of your wedding and providing the party with a nearly limitless digital archive of music that can be added to with a wireless internet connection and a click of the mouse, not to mention they are far less expensive, but are not capable of replicating the ambiance that a live band would bring. It is up to your preference, but more importantly your budgetary constraints. If you are working within a tight budget and still desire a professional to handle the entertainment for the night, a disc-jockey is what you will want to go with, and the good news is that Austin is a fantastic city for professional wedding disc-jockeys. Here is some advice to help make the process of finding the right DJ that much easier.

You will want to start your search with the recommendations of your friends, family, and trusted colleagues, in particular, anyone who has been recently married, or has been involved in a wedding to some extent. It is also suggested to ask your venue coordinator for their recommendations, as well, as they may even have a list of preferred or required vendors they may produce for you. Do not worry, because this may end up saving you money due to the fact that businesses with established rapports will be easier to coordinate and correspond with. You should also cross reference your candidates on the internet via online wedding directories. These websites are great sources of information on wedding vendors including details on pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, pictures, videos, and more! These sources of recommendations will help you focus your search for a candidate on professionals with plenty of experience and customer satisfaction. Once you feel comfortable with your list, call them, and ask them of their availability around the date of your wedding. Only book appointments with those who are available, obviously.

Next, you will want to start the interview process off with your candidates. You will want to ask each candidate plenty of questions. One good question to start off is the age old: why did you become a DJ? The answer should be fairly straightforward, they are passionate about music, but they are even more passionate about making your reception special. You should ask them about their play list policies, if they entertain song requests, and how much control you have over it. Most professional disc-jockeys are pretty flexible, and will not play songs that you do not want played even if guests request them. You should also ask them how they handle the crowd, and what their emcee style is. Ask for a demonstration video if available, they definitely should be willing to provide you with one. It is wise to also inquire about the condition of the equipment, their knowledge of it it, and how they set it up on site. It is also a good idea to cover emergency backup plans in case of any unpredictable issues that may try to throw a wrench in the cogs.

You will want to cover the costs of the services last, and obtain a sample invoice from each candidate. You should compare each candidate side-by-side to see who will give you the most out of your money. Once you decide who is the right disc-jockey, write up a contract outlining every single detail and labor demand, and place a deposit. Your head should not be spinning anymore as you have hired the right disc-jockey to provide the music to keep your party hopping and bopping. Now that should make you start spinning with your hands up like you just rolled the dice and got seven twice.

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